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My name is Curtis Scoons and I have been playing guitar for over 30 years. For much of that time I wanted an archtop guitar with a particular sound. Unfortunately, I could never find an instrument that sounded similar to some of the recordings I had heard by Wes Montgomery, George Benson and others. Although I had played what were supposed to be the same instruments they had used, the sound was never the same.

Over the years, my thoughts for my "ideal guitar" came together and I seriously considered having this instrument built by a custom shop. However, several years ago I realized that I could build one myself, so I did. Having both skills as a guitarist and a woodworker enabled me to build the instrument to my specifications and the result was the beginnings of Curtis Guitars.

What I achieved is an instrument that has superior acoustic tone. The better the instrument sounds acoustically the better it will sound when amplified. The more interaction between the strings and the wood the more complex the tone becomes, and that produces what I have termed a "bell-like" quality. In other words, the guitar has a deep and rich sound. The instrument rings like a flattop guitar but has the even response of an archtop.

I had never seriously considered making solid body guitars because I felt there were many well made guitars already out there. However, a guitarist friend approached me to replicate a Klein guitar for him. I did not want to duplicate the design exactly but offered to do the work with some design modifications of my own. The result of this project was the creation of a new kind of guitar that incorporates qualities of both solid body and acoustic guitars in a new way. I named these models SHB. The SHBs are light and have the appearance of a solid body guitar but the acoustics are controlled for resonance similar to an archtop guitar.

I work independently building each guitar by hand in upstate New York. Working by myself allows me to control every detail from selecting materials to finish. Each time I create an instrument it is a learning experience and each guitar is unique. My guitars are designed for individuals who truly appreciate great sounding instruments that are beautiful as well.





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